Visual Studio 2005 Team System

As you’ve probably already spotted, The Visual Studio 2005 Team System (aka Burton) was announced for the first time at TechEd last week.

I’ve been tracking this for a while internally and its fantastic, at last a new brand new SourceSafe built on SQL Server which will be suitable for those large development projects, full blown test, code coverage, etc. test tools and that combined with the new design surfaces makes for an amazing product! Customers have been screaming for this stuff for years.

Here is a diagram showing what Team System is planning to deliver, more information here, and a good blog article here which shows illustrates one area and shows how powerful it is

You can get the first bits via the VS 2005 May Tech Preview which is now up on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. This doesn’t include all the Server side bits (VSS, Project Integration) but has some of the client bits (testing, etc.). The rest of the bits should make beta later this year

Cool Stuff!