Beta to RC Upgrade Error–Trial Period Expired

I upgraded my VPC from beta to RC today and I received an error telling me that the “trial period has been expired”.  The solutions are already in the CRM community.  I just want to post it here on my blog for my future reference and also for the folks looking for the solution to this problem.


So there are two solutions to this problem.

Solution 1 – Import/Upgrade (Preferred Method)

  1. Install the RC bits for the CRM Server on an alternate computer. Note that you can install the RC bits on the same computer that is running Beta, but you must uninstall all Beta components and delete the MSCRM_CONFIG database on the SQL instance before doing so.
  2. Install the CRM 2011 Reporting Extensions to the computer running SQL in the new deployment.
  3. Restore the database backups of the Beta orgs to the computer running SQL in the new deployment.
  4. Use Deployment Manager to Import the Beta orgs. The Import wizard will detect that the org is a Beta org and will upgrade it to the RC bits.
  5. During import, use the Auto Mapping option to map CRM users to Active Directory.

Solution 2 – Connect to Existing (Note : This option requires the Administrator to update the license keys in the MSCRM_CONFIG database manually.)

  1. Uninstall all CRM components from deployment computers.

  2. Install the RC bits for CRM Server, and on SQL Server page of the setup wizard, specify to Connect to Existing. The Setup wizard will detect and upgrade the MSCRM_CONFIG database and the default org to the RC bits.

  3. During the server installation/upgrade process, you likely will encounter the following error:

    “Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.AddLicenseAction failed. Your trial period has expired.”

    If this occurs, in the ConfigSettings table in MSCRM_CONFIG, in the LicenseKeyV5RTM column, manually enter the license key.

    update ConfigSettings set LicenseKeyV5RTM = 'MQM2H-JYYRB-RRD6J-8WBBC-CVBD3'

    Important : You can also complete this task with SQL Management Studio by using the following SQL statements:

    In the server setup dialog, click Retry , and the Server setup should complete normally.

  4. Use Deployment Manager to upgrade the remaining Beta orgs to RC.