2008 Summer Road trip - here we come

Early content run throughHold on - we're heading your way!  The content is prepped, the rehearsal is done, we are on our way!

On Monday the .Net User Groups kick off their summer road trip in Auckland.  I'm tagging along, so after Auckland we head down the country until we get to Invercargill.  Full details, including locations are in this post.  If you haven't registered for the event in your town yet, you can still do so (except Auckland) by registering here.  Don't forget that by registering and filling in an eval form on the day you go into the draw to win one of two very nice machines.

Rehearsal at IntergenJeremy and Chris have been busy rehearsing the presentation, and have now done it to a few audiences of various sizes. 

We've taken some feedback on board for the presentation and made refinements - although the overwhelming feedback has been fantastic.

Chris getting excited about Hyper-V There are over 1350 people registered for the road trip, with some locations registrations exceeding the anticipated numbers.  However, we've got lots of space - all locations are larger than the number of people we anticipated, so we don't expect space issues.

Sneak peek of T-Shirt frontWe've also got some water bottles on hand so you can grab one of those on the way in (thanks to Intergen).  Not only that but we've got software to give away as well as (hopefully) some T-Shirts.

If you want to track us, you can watch our blogs.  You can also follow me via twitter (which has an RSS feed too) which I'll be updating regularly.

If you are blogging about the 2008 Summer Road Trip, please tag your post with "2008SummerRoadTrip" so we can see what you say!

I hope you'll join us, and I look forward to seeing you on the road!