2008 Summer Road Trip Prize Draw Results

Brent with his new computerOn Wednesday we drew the prize draw for the 2008 summer road trip.

Jeremy took the data, imported it into SQL, did some code to match registrations and invitations to evaluation forms, then write a little function to draw someone from random from the list of entries.

The prize pool was:

  • Two servers with Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Server
  • One copy of Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Two copies of 2007 Office Professional
  • Five copies of Mindscape Lightspeed
  • Three copies of Resharper

All winners have been notified via email - a few haven't yet responded, so check the email address you registered under to see if you have an email from Chris.   If you didn't win - thanks for coming, and hopefully your name will come up in the future.

The two servers went to Brent from Wellington (pictured) and Colin from Hamilton - congratulations everyone!