A string of announcements

Yesterday at WinHEC Bill Gates announced a number of things that are interesting in a number of ways ;-)

Firstly he announced Beta 2 releases of Office 2007, Vista and Longhorn Server (yup Server).

He also talked about what Microsoft is doing in the Virtualization space and announced a new initiative called FlexGo which enables pay as you go computing.

To get Beta 2 of Vista, you can get it from MSDN Subscriber Downloads, or from BetaExperience via download or pay for shipping and have it sent to you.

Office 2007 Beta is also available to download - in addition to BetaExperience you can also get details here.

Windows Longhorn Server Beta 2 is also available for download on MSDN Subscriber downloads as well as on Technet Subscriber downloads.  I haven't found an external link yet though.

Information on FlexGo is available in the Press Release as well as Bills Keynote (100k Stream here).

Finally, if you want more details on Virtualization, check the press release.  In my opinion, the key take away is that the Microsoft Hypervisor will be in Beta late this year and released inside 180 days of Longhorn Server RTM - which is a bit earlier than analysts were expecting.

I recommend listening (if not watching) the keynote from WinHEC, which can be streamed from here.  Also, even if you dont watch the keynote, you should still check this page for an overview of what going on there.