Ask the experts

Nigel and Ron chatting with an expert The ask the experts evening went off.  I have been going to Tech Ed for a few years now and I don't think I've seen delegates as engaged with experts as I did last night.

Those of you who stuck around to talk to the speakers - they enjoyed it.  As I previously mentioned, many of them are looking to talk to you - not just present to you.

Ron Jacobs Around the Microsoft Standwas great, and spoke to many of you with Nigel following along.  I happened to be speaking with Graeme from when Ron approached Graeme.  He wasn't expecting it so the first words from his mouth were expletives :-).  He then went on to talk about the Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that he's put out for customers to use.  His and more New Zealand gadgets are listed on the Microsoft NZ Gadgets page.

David Rayner and others at the Microsoft StandI caught up with some people from Canterbury Uni who wanted some advice as to how to find which printer driver on a server with 150 printers was leaking.  Thanks to Eric Deily from the IIS team for knowing that a tool on could help!

I also got to meet a few of the speakers who were not around on Sunday and catch up with quite a few of you.