Bored? Want to find out what it was like for MS to deploy TFS?

In case you have become bored due to us not releasing anything since Saturday (Visual Studio 2005 SP1) you might want to spend a few minutes seeing what it was like for Microsoft to deploy Team Foundation Server to the developer division of Microsoft.

Some interesting things in there.  For starters - scale - Microsoft has over 1000 users and over 13 million files in TFS.  It hasn't been plain sailing.  However, we dont expect that the average installation would have this sort of scale.  Any problems we did hit have fixes either in the pipeline or now out.

For full details, read Brian Harry's blog post here (it is a little old, but its worth a read).

If you are interested in Migrating your VSS solution to TFS you should check out the VSS to TFS migration page (including a tool to help you with the process).  There is also a third party converter for CVS to TFS.  There is also a TFS migration blog which is a little thin on the ground at this stage but is probably worth bookmarking.

If you want more information on TFS you might find the following information useful:

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