Changes in DPE (and a new blog to follow)

Scott Wylie - NZ DPE DirectorAs you may know Sean has moved on to Redmond which means we have a new manager here in DPE New Zealand.

Scott Wylie is now the Director of the Developer and Platform Strategy team here in New Zealand.  Scott has been in Microsoft New Zealand for longer than almost anyone else in Microsoft New Zealand.  This is good news.  He understands how Microsoft works and has a long career of great success both in management and on the ground having started in a technical role.

One of the things Scott is famous for (at least in the NZ sub) is his musical abilities.  He is in a band that plays frequently - President Gas.  Check out their website here.  Scott is well loved at our kick off event that we have each year, where he normally picks up the guitar and belts out a few good numbers...

Anyway, Scott is pretty excited to be in DPE New Zealand, and has started blogging.  So subscribe to his feed, read his first post and make him feel welcome!  If you are coming to the launch events, make sure you bump into him and say Hi.