Collaboration - we all have something to share

Brenda was recently quoted in the Fryup on ComputerWorld with regards to the story behind SuperHappyDevHouse New Zealand.

“I wanted an event that would get people who don't currently work on open source, but want to, to come along and just do it.
After talking to Darryl I realised this goes the other way too. Those working on proprietary technologies (such as the various Microsoft platforms) can show us what they do too."

Yup.  We all have something to share.  Even at Microsoft we have Open Source projects under way.

In the New Zealand community, we want to help you reach your potential - such projects are a great way to get your head around a technology.  Recent examples where New Zealanders have been contributing to Open Source solutions include BackgroundMotion and the Community Kit for Sharepoint (CKS) - hey look there is a user group edition too!

The first SHDH was a great event, so watch out for phase two where there should be more mixing and mingling of ideas...