Dynamic languages in VS and .Net?

Interesting to see that we've just hired John Lam.  Soma reports:

I am excited to announce that John Lam will be joining the .NET Developer Platform team in January 2007. John comes with a great background in dynamic languages. He implemented the popular RubyCLR, which is a Ruby bridge to the .NET Framework. John is currently a partner in ObjectSharp and has worked with Microsoft Technologies for a long time at Wintellect, DevelopMentor, Corel, etc.

John will be a Program Manager in the CLR team focused on helping make .NET a great platform for dynamic languages. You can read more about this at John’s blog.

The next release of Visual Studio (code named "Orcas") looks like it will be interesting... If you want to see what we've publically said will be in Orcas, you should take a look at this page.

tags: Ruby, .Net, RubyCLR, Orcas, Visual Studio