Educate yourself quick links

There are a couple of good links here if you want to learn more about SQL 2005 or ASP.Net 2.0

Firstly there is a good looking webcast coming up about the hidden benefits of upgrading to SQL Server 2005.  You can get all the details here.  A full list of upcoming SQL 2005 web casts is here

If you want to get started in ASP.Net 2.0, you can download one of the starter kits from MSDN.  They are available for VB and C# and provide a step up solution to try out.

If you need more than just starter kits, you should also check out the ASP.Net quick start guide

Finally - to answer the question "how do I do this when Visual Studio 2005 is not released yet?" - you can download the beta of  Visual Web Developer Express 2005 for free!