Handango and HP release the HP hw6500?

Handango and HP have released the HP hw6500 Pocket PC Phone edition in Europe and Asia according to an email I received over night from Handango.

The hw6500 is a square screen device which sets it apart from the other Windows Mobile devices out there now.  It also features dual slots (MiniSD and SD), Edge, GPRS and Bluetooth.

These are nice devices.  If you want a look browse for the images, etc on this search.

The email from Hanango reads:

Handango has now launched the new iPAQ hw6500 with HP!

We are very excited about this device as it has launched in Asia and Europe already and will be in the US very soon. Please note, this is the first square screen Windows Mobile Pocket PC device in the market, with a 240 x 240 display. The OS is Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

This will be the first of a number of square screen devices coming out, so we strongly recommend you update your applications to be optimized for this device. [app dev stuff snipped] 

If its really out in Europe and Asia - hopefullly it wont be far from our shores.  The question is - will the apps I love be square screen aware from day one?  Some devs have been really good at this, but others haven't.

Of course even if developers haven't changed their apps, Windows Mobile will still work - the screen will automatically get scroll bars so you can get to the control that would normally be at the bottom of the screen.