IE7 RTM's! - I told you it was coming soon

Today the Internet Explorer team released the RTM release of IE7 for Windows XP.

Go get it now!

As previously mentioned, this will be coming out as a critical windows update for Windows XP, so feel free to go get it now to avoid it coming down later if this is not desirable.  The Windows Update push (to my understanding) is scheduled for a week or two after RTM.

IE7 for Vista is still getting some finishing touches.

Some of the cool features of IE7:

  • Tabbed browsing (and that nice "view all tabs" feature we call QuickTabs)
  • Integrated and extensible search
  • Integrated RSS subscription management
  • Nice printing (phew) that shrinks the web page
  • Multiple home pages
  • Save tab groups as a favourite
  • Good visual ques with suspicious and dangerous websites
  • Phishing filter (with real people checking dodgy sites behind the scenes)
  • Really, really good page zooming (including image scaling)
  • That hand to drag the page up and down
  • Vastly improved CSS support
  • Improved JScript performance and bugfixes


There are probably more, but thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

Go get it today!

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