Links and resources for Office 2007 development

In my session from connect I listed a bunch of resources in my last slide that might be useful if you are looking at developing for the 2007 Office System.  Remember, my session dealt with client development, not server, so if you are looking for tips on adding workflow to Windows Sharepoint Services 2007, you'll need to look for other resources for that.

The Beta Experience website allows you to get hold of Office Beta 2 and Vista Beta 2.  You can select to download the applications when they are available (any day now) or you can select to pay for shipping to have them sent to you on DVD.

Beta Experience is at

Blogs - there are a number of blogs that you might like to look at, here are the ones I listed at the end of my session:

For a list of all the resources available Don Campbell has created a mind map which you may find useful.

If you are specifically interested in the new file formats, you'll want to take a look at which has lots of information including sample code with source.

My pwerpoint deck will be available online soon, I'll post when its up, I'll also look at putting the code I demo'd online for you to grab in the near future too.