- cool stuff you may not know

I was talking to Nigel this morning about something to do with that had just been released and I couldn't remember what it was... but then I checked my blogs this morning and remembered.

The team have just released a gadget for that allows you to see your live favorites on your page  No biggie, but it's good to see the team continuing to add cool gadgets.

If you haven't tried live favorites, its pretty cool.  You can sync your IE favorites with the server meaning your favorites will be consistent wherever you log into live favorites.  I use it to sync home and work favorites and it works well.  Now I can put them on my homepage too. had an update not long ago too, and one of the updates was the ability have multiple tabs on your homepage.  This means that I can now have a whole heap of feeds/gadgets on there without taking up more screen space and causing lots of (annoying) scrolling.  So I went ahead and created a "geek" page where I'm watching all the UMPC stuff happen.

The last thing on that I'll mention is that foldershare continues to impress me.  I love this service!