MEDC Melbourne - its worth going!

If you've been wondering if its worth heading to MEDC in Melbourne even if work dont want to pay for it -I can tell you that it is worth going! (I wish I could go).

In addition to the usual swag you'll get one of two bits of hardware when you leave (presuably after filling in the evals). If you sign up for the Windows Mobile track you'll get an iMate SP5 (review) Windows Mobile Smartphone!

If you prefer to sign up for the Windows CE/Embedded track you'll walk away with a wee Via EPIA CN13000 based computer.

Either way this is worth over NZ$800 (depending on how you source it), which alone is better than break even after return airfares and hotel accomodation for a night.

And of course - you get to see some great speakers and content presented!

Dont forget that NZ'ers get a AU$90 discount if you phone 0800 800 004 (you'd know this if you subscribed to the MSDN Flash :-) )