MSDN Flash - Here comes the wave!

Last week Visual Studio 2008 was released to manufacturing. If you have a MSDN Subscription, you can download it now. Visual Studio 2008 will hit store shelves in late Jan/early Feb. In spite of the fact that Visual Studio has only just been released, a number of customers have already been using it.

Provoke, Datacom, Kiwibank and Intergen (among others) have been using it for a number of projects. Provoke used the Load test agents from Visual Studio 2008 Test Edition to load test the new Flybuys website (all built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server). Datacom have been using it on a project for Paymark along with .Net 3.5 and Intergen are moving all their developers on to Visual Studio 2008 as soon as possible, having been using it for a variety of projects for a little while.

New products mean that we’ve got events coming up! Firstly there is the usual Microsoft tour of the main centres through March – more on these at a later date.

The .Net User Groups will be sending a tour throughout the country presenting on Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008. This will be a very cool road trip starting on Feb 4 and going to Feb 22 throughout the country. Look for the website for this to be up in by the next MSDN Flash or stay tuned to my blog.

Speaking, albeit fleetingly, of Windows Server 2008 – Geekzone went live on Windows Server 2008 RC last week. After it was all over Maucirio from Geekzone said:

“My first impression is how responsive the UI is... The next thing I notice is that pages are actually faster now - to create and load.”

You can read more about the Geekzone story here.

Till next time – happy summer coding