MSDN Flash: Tech Ed - we have a problem...

I was going to open this editorial in celebration of the fact that registration for Tech Ed is now open and encourage you to register today.

And – I strongly encourage you to register today. Not tomorrow – TODAY! Here’s why:

As of this morning ALL the early bird tickets for Tech Ed 2008 will be sold – and well over half the total tickets are sold – in less than two weeks!

You might think that we rejoice greatly to see Tech Ed tickets selling well. And, well yes – two years ago we did. It was great to see the event sell out eight weeks ahead of schedule as it validates what we are doing and sends a clear message that we are hitting the right spot with customers.

However, last year we sold out even earlier, and the only advertising we did had a great big “sold out” on it – which was the first many people heard of Tech Ed registration. This leaves lots of people saying they missed out because they didn’t find out that registration was open until after it was sold out, and others grumbling that their management dithered about purchasing a ticket or whatever.

While it’s great that tickets are selling, it has become clear to us that this is actually becoming a huge problem. We continue to make changes to the way we sell tickets (like reducing the total ticket count one organization can buy, etc), but clearly this is not enough. So next year, we need to do a major rethink.

Having said all that, this year Tech Ed will be great (Scott Hanselman is coming!), and if you are at all interested in getting along (even if you are not sure) get in now and buy a ticket. If you decide you can’t use it later, you can always ask for a refund - if you have a ticket you have choices. If you have no ticket, you have no opportunity to go.

So – please – register today, and tell your friends to do the same! We’re selling out fast!

Happy coding!