My user group tour comes to an end...

The last user group in my tour was Napier - tonight.  I'm finished.  My five weeks of jaunting around the country for 2-3 nights a week is finally over.  Actually, I've not quite finished.  I haven't done this presso to my home town audience in Wellington yet...

Anyway, here is my powerpoint slide deck from my talk on "The future of web development" from the tour.  Feel free to grab it and look through it.  Hopefully Kirk will think its up to scratch for Welly :-)

I'm a stats junkie, so here are some interesting tidbits:

Number of sessions on tour: 19 (not just DNUG sessions)

Biggest group: 52 (Auckland DNUG)

Smallest group: 7 (Nelson DNUG)

Most surprising group: 22 (Tauranga DNUG - great turnout guys!)

Most questions: Tauranga DNUG

Least questions: Porirua DNUG

Hardest questions: Auckland DNUG (you guys knew more about Zune than I did!)

Total Tour Attendence: 334 (DNUG attendance is a subset of this)

Overall, I think that the NZ Dot Net User group ecosystem is pretty healthy.  Attendences were generally higher than I expected and interaction was good.

If you are feeling really keen, why not do a deep dive into one of the technologies that i talk about to your local dot net user group? :-)

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