New Live sites

Yesterday we released the live gallery.  The live gallery is going to be the consumer facing version of  The gallery on will continue to be used, but will be maintained for developers.  Currently has only got the Microsoft gadgets on there but there will be a process for having third party gadgets hosted there eventually.

Another site that is relatively new is the site.  This site has all the details and SDK's that are available for developing for the various services including the Live Toolbar, Spaces, Virtual Earth, ExpoGadgets and lots more.

A week or two ago we launched v1 of - which is a site designed to help you buy and sell things in your area.  Its very location centric - so much so that its only available in the US at this stage - but maybe it's handy if you are visiting (or of course if you live there).

And in case you are wondering how many live services there are now, you might want to check out the list at You may be surprised by the number.

I just noticed something new on site, spaces is listed as spaces.... hmmm a rename must be in the works.

Speaking of renames... you know of course that live mail will be replacing hotmail?  No?  It also means that we might be able to get an email address... I dont know the details yet, but stay tuned.

Finally, according to an SDK for Live ID will be coming soon. 

The world is getting really interesting.