New Zealand content now in directory

After much waiting with baited breath, the team finally released the update I've been waiting for last night!  The update itself fixed a heap of bugs (hundreds of them) as well as adding a heap of new features (my favs are the direct URL's ( and which both go to two primary views of directly.

One of the things that has been missing from for kiwis for a little while is a lack of NZ content in the directory - which is what last nights update addresses for us kiwis.  This is the most exciting aspect of the update for me.

Now - if you are looking for more content for that you can add, you should click on the "Add stuff" link and select from the newly populated list.

If you dont see NZ content - make sure your page is set to English (New Zealand) by clicking the Options link in the top right corner and selecting it from the language drop down at the bottom of the list.

The new content includes RSS feeds from the NZ Herald, Scoop, Radio Network, NZ Listener, Geekzone, and others.

There is still more to do, but this is a great step forward!

Check it out - - and make it your home page!

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