New Zealand Gadgets for

There are some developers who are busy behind the scenes creating Gadgets for

Unfortunately while many of the gadgets are live, some of them are not well publicized yet and not even in the gadget gallery, so here is a list of the ones I know about.

If you have some that are relevant for the NZ market that you've created, pleae feel free to contact me via my blog, and I'll help include it in my promotional list.

Currently we've got the following Gadgets (click the little Windows live image to add it to your homepage).

TradeMe - My Listings

TrafficWatch - watch the traffic build up via web cams

Digirama NZ Top 10 chart

Buy a business - a listing of businesses for sale

Geekzone blog stats - See who is the top blogger on geekzone

RadioNetworks have been busily creating gadgets, here are the ones they've released so far:

NewstalkZB News Feed - News from the NewstalkZB news room 

NewstalkZB Audio Feed - latest topics of conversation on Newstalk ZB 

Flava Player - Listen to Flava while you work 

ZM Player - Listen to ZM FM while you work 

NZ Radio Player - Listen to any of the Radio Network radio stations while you work 

Keep an eye on the Gadget gallery and particularly the gadgets tagged with New Zealand for more (I'll keep blogging them too as they come to my attention).