Off to Seattle, then traveling and then Tech Ed.

Many of us at Microsoft are traveling at this time of the year.  There are a number of conferences on that attract Microsoft employees from all over the world - there is the Microsoft Partner conference, which a number of kiwis from partner companies were at (I believe Gen-i, Provoke and Fujitsu were represented - Intergen was actually presenting there), then there is MGX which is an internal Microsoft Management and sales conference and then Tech Ready, one of two major training conferences.

These are all big events - Tech Ready is at least two times bigger than our Tech Ed event in terms of attendees and has over 1000 sessions to choose from over five days.  Then there are all the ancillary events - I've got three days of training and meetings before the actual event, not to mention the "odd get together" at the end of various days training.

Once I'm back from there I'm out of the office for the following week at offsite meetings.  Then I'm back for the week before Tech Ed and then I'll be at Tech Ed and Student day.

I'll try and post the occasional photo from Tech Ready, but mostly I'll be quiet for a few weeks.

If you are a Tech Ed ANZ speaker...

If you are a Tech Ed speaker make sure you have registered in the Speaker Portal and have all your flights sorted out - this will save me hunting you down while I'm in Seattle :-)