Rotorua and Hamilton

Going down the waterfall - all 7m of it Wireless (even GPRS) sucked badly in Rotorua, so we were unable to post much. 

First thing in the morning Chris and his brother went mountain biking in Redwood forest, while JB and I slept in (I went for a run), got breakfast, caught up on email and blog posts (when GPRS wasn't flaking out on us).

But we wet for a quiet paddle down the river.  It was great fun until we reached the rapids and waterfalls.  Chris arranged for us to get special treatment, so we spend lots of time sitting in the void at the bottom of various waterfalls.  JB was up the front and got totally drenched (not that it mattered as we got tipped out at the beginning anyway).

The local birdlife is pretty tame at the Marama ResortWe went down a 7 metre waterfall on the trip, which was conveniently photographed by their photographer and sold for a premium - which we decided to pick up (hey we are on a road trip).

The afternoon was spent leisurely on computers while Chris sorted out the BBQ dinner.

We stayed in the Marama Resort on the shores of Lake Rotoiti.  This was a nice spot, and the wildlife here is pretty cool, there were even some cute fluffy ducklings :-)  This is also a fantastic mozzy farm - there were huge swarms of mosquitos out at night, which meant you really wanted to stay covered up - or inside.

There are more photos up on, so check them out if you want to see more of what we got up to.

More than 70 people turned up at HamiltonWe are now in Hamilton, where over 70 people have come along to hear Chris and JB talk about the latest technologies.

One more piece of good news for those wondering if they should come along to the road show... we were hoping that everyone who comes will be able to go away with a 2008 launch T-Shirt, but we are now unable to do this, however, we will have some to give away as spot prizes.

If you want to go into the draw to win one of the two servers we are using, you'll need to register and come along and fill in an evaluation.

Tonight we drive to New Plymouth where we will be presenting tomorrow.