Scott Hanselman on Visual Studio 2008

image I've just finished listening to Scott Hanselman's podcast on Visual Studio 2008.  One of the nice things about this podcast is that its not just another LINQ love session, digging a bit more into some of the underlying changes to the compilers and the languages.

Carl Franklin also notes that he hasn't moved to C# yet (implying that he's still on VB.Net) which just goes to show that its not just Nick Randolph using VB. :-)

Carl and Scott also talk about how Visual Basic is "reasserting itself as a dynamic language" in the next release, taking it closer to its roots.

On the VB note, we have some good content at Tech Ed on VB.  More will be shared in the near future, but we should have someone from the product team down for the event which will be very cool!

You can get the podcast here (MP3 direct link).