Security Seminar - Developer Track Agenda and an added bonus

For those of you who are still unsure whether this event is worth while to you, I can say that it is - but only if you are interested in writing secure code.  If you are not interested in writing secure code, then this seminar is not for you.

For those of you still reading (and if you are worth hiring you will still be reading), the details of the developer track are up at

To recap quickly, you'll get to hear about the following:

Keynote: Microsoft Security Strategy and Vision

Brett Roberts and Nathan Mercer will outline a vision for security and detail Microsoft’s efforts in shaping a future that realises the full potential of the interconnected world.

Privacy, Security, and Compliance: What you need to know NOW!

In this session we'll demonstrate strategic security principals via the process of threat modeling. Discover how threat models gives developers and architects an advantage over hackers by enabling them to document and mitigate against threats and vulnerabilities.
This session will also cover:

  • The threat modeling process employed at Microsoft
  • The tool used to develop these threat models.

Application Development Principles and Best Practices

In this session we'll discuss the SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) and the role developers and architects are expected to play during it. We'll also cover potential regulatory requirements that affect the security/privacy needs of an application and drill down into the development challenges, for example, encryption of data.

Creating Reliable and Robust Applications with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

In this session we'll reveal how tools can take us further down the track to building more secure and reliable applications. This session will highlight reliability and security features in Visual Studio Team System and show how some hacks could have been prevented.


The speakers in the Dev track are all from Australia, and they all know their stuff, so I'm looking forward to hearing them. 


As an added bonus, we'll be doing some teaser demos of Windows Vista and Office 2007 in the breaks for anyone interested.   I'm doing the Office 2007 stuff, and I think you'll be surprised at how cool Office development is about to become.

Oh - and of course then there is a free copy of ISA server.  Because we all need a decent firewall/proxy server at home right?

The Security Seminar costs $125 and you can register now.  What are you waiting for?