Simplifying life

SInce I've started at Microsoft, I've found that the work pattern is quite different to any of my previous jobs... I'm struggling to get on top of how much there is to learn, get through all the email, stay up to date with all the happenings in the community and industry and actually acheive something during the day.

So I've decided to drop a whole lot of things from my personal live

Obviously I'm losing BOnTime, I've switched to a MSDN blog so I dont need to maintain my own web server, etc, I'm blowing away my computer at home and starting from scratch - without a heap of source code, I'm depreciating my mail server at home (actually I'm going to get rid of it) in favour of a hosted one (probably gmail for the moment) and I'm going to start relaxing in the evenings.

If I dont do all of this, I'm never going to unplug and relax, and I probably wont do my job as well as I want to. 

Nothing like a fresh start!