SQL Code Camp - NZ Edition

I spent a little time over the weekend at the SQL Server Code Camp in Porirua.

The event was organized by the .Net User Group Inc here in New Zealand.  In my opinion the event was a huge success.

Of the 154 people who registered around 120 of them actually came along including people from Tauraunga, Dunedin, Auckland, Napier, Hamilton, Christchurch and a number of other places.  This is around the same number that went along to the Australian Code Camp a few weeks ago.

If you want to see what others thought - Technorati search is a good place to start looking.  Much of the event was also SkypeCast thanks to Nick "why are you leaving?" Randolph - Nick is also making the recordings available.

Congratulations go out to Nathan, Peter and the team who helped them get the event humming.

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