SQL Everywhere CTP available

The SQL Everywhere team has just released the first CTP of SQL Everywhere.

If you don’t know what SQL Everywhere is, think SQL Mobile (previously only for Windows Mobile and Tablets) now able to be run on Windows XP, Windows Server, etc. With a 1.7Mb download footprint, it will enable developers to create applications that use a SQL database engine for storing data without having to install a copy of SQL Express – meaning a small footprint on the target computer.

SQL Everywhere is designed to be used for applications that only need to store small amounts of data. If you want to store millions of records, you’ll want to seriously consider SQL Express. But for small applications, it should save the full install of SQL Express and simplify deployment.

Steve Lasker has got the details, including some sample code, the ever useful Northwind database for SQL Everywhere .

You can download the CTP here.