Submitting content for TechEd ANZ

I cant believe its been so long since I last posted!  Things have been hectic - more so than normal, and I'm just catching up on email now.

One of the things I need to catch up with is the process for submitting content for Tech Ed Australia and New Zealand.

Before going crazy and submitting 40 different submissions you should know that we have a bunch of things we thing we need to present on and will be focusing on these to start with.  These things are driven by new product announcments that we all know are coming, but in addition we want to have some quality local content from quality local speakers. :-)

Its also no secret that we work closely with Australia on content and the goal is to have pretty much the same content in both countries (there will inevitably be differences though).  In fact - due to the Europeans breaking their Tech Ed into a Dev and IT Pro tracks, we (ANZ) now have the second largest Tech Ed event in the world - and we are hoping to use this to draw some awesome speakers this year.

But I digress... So - how do you submit your content and where to?

Michael Kleef is the prime person for sending your details to - and he's put up a post with some guidelines (actually he did this last October).  The basic process is simply contact Michael using the contact form on his blog and give him some information - specifically:

  1. Interesting Abstract
  2. Speaking experience
  3. Some claim to geek fame (i.e. how do we know that you know your stuff?)

You should get in and do this now - we have just started putting speakers and tracks together.

(Craig - I've already sent yours to Kleefy)