Team test load agent - how do I get it?

Chris got a query about the Team test load agent.  This is a testing component that was included in VSTS until the RC stage.

Well, the answer is:

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers provides a number of functions to assist software professionals to ensure the quality of their applications. One of these is the ability to load test applications to understand their performance and scalability properties. Team Edition for Software Testers includes the ability to manage test cases, perform manual testing, and perform load testing from a single machine. Under the licensing terms of Team Edition for Software Testers, licensed users may install the software on any number of machines, however Team Edition for Software Testers does not include the ability to “harness” multiple physical devices to generate additional load; load generation scenarios are limited by the hardware.

This answer was helpfully found in the Visual Studio Team System Licensing White paper which you should download (it's 15 pages long) if you are interested in the complete answer to this and other licensing related questions around Team system.