Tech Ed Blog posts

I thought I'd put together a list of blog posts I haven't already linked to elsewhere.

Code Camp:

For developers it all started with Code Camp - Summaries from Ivan and Kirk.

Tech Ed:

Eileen loved the keynote, as did Mauricio - and they've both seen a few...

Craig at Xero summarized Xero involvement this year.

ActionThis officially launched at Tech Ed

Mateus put up a couple of session journals (1,2) as did Nick.


Glen Olson obviously went, but was quiet about whether he enjoyed it or not - actually I couldn't find much on the party except Glens, Mauricio's and my own (which was rather easy to find :-))


There are heaps of photos on Flikr - check out the show here (who the heck took all those photos of me???).


Nikhil has posted his thoughts and slides to his blog, Matt Winkler and Justin Smith jumped off the Sky tower on Thursday, Chan has posted his sessions to his Blog. 

Alex spent lots of time in discussion with Nikhil and Mahesh and has also put up his slides and code.

Kyle and Deannah's session made it into Computerworld. Nathan also posted his slides...

JB, JD, and Andrew posted their wrap ups and decks respectively - I love the fact that JB's SQL 2008 for Developers session wasn't in Australia, but was wildly popular here :-)

Wrap ups and signoffs:

Jo Chapman did a great job of summarizing her highlights in three posts - Day 1, 2 and 3.

James also has two nice self portraits from him at Tech Ed in his summary post...

Nigel doesn't want to do video again next year, but gives some "how we did it" with regards to the Picture in Picture for the keynote in silverlight (WMV also available).

Kevin summarized his experience, Nas did a nice summary post on her highlights and Mauricio hopes to do another Unofficial Tech Ed Blog next year

Actually Mauricio did a great job of this years Unofficial Tech Ed blog, and for a play by play you should check it out.

Also there are more links, photos and videos on


To all those who blogged the event - THANK YOU!!!