Tech Ed - Women in Technology

While I'm up to my neck in Tech Ed at the moment, I thought I'd drop you a couple of little tidbits...

Firstly we are over 30% sold in terms of total tickets sold, but we've already sold 60% of our early bird tickets (remember how it works this year?) - and we haven't even started advertising yet (look for the first ads next week).

Secondly - the big news this week is about silverlight and the DLR, well, we have some very cool content for both Silverlight and dynamic languages already booked, so if you are interested in this, get your ticket while you can!

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I'm thinking of running a women in technology evening for those females who come to Tech Ed (there were over 160 last year) with a special guest speaker. 

But, before I go ahead and make it happen i'm keen to see what the females out there think of this idea.  Is it something that appeals?  (there are females reading this blog - right?).  If you like this idea, please contact me or leave a comment and let me know!

Guys, please... you can't come along so dont ask :-)