TechEd Comnet updated

Comnet is available.  You may have known that - I've mentioned it before

Comnet is the system we use for building the schedule for the event.  Its publically available and as an attendee of Tech Ed you can use it to build your schedule for the event - this includes the ability to add the sessions to your calendar.

One of the things we use Comnet for is to judge how big the rooms need to be for the sessions to ensure we get the sizing right - this leads to fewer overflowing rooms and fewer empty rooms and ensures you get to see the sessions you want to see.

This morning I've been through all the sessions in Comnet and have updated all the ones with missing abstracts, added all the remaining lunchtime sessions and fixed up speaker details that were wrong.

There were also some sessions in the Unified Communications track that were missing from the available list which have been fixed and are now visible.

If you've been to Comnet over the last few weeks you might want to go back and take another look to see if any of your sessions have changed.

If you haven't been on Comnet yet, please do so ASAP and set up your schedule - this helps us and will benefit you too.

If you are not going to Tech Ed but want to see what sessions we have on, point your browser at

Barring any last minute changes (sickness, death, dismemberment, etc) we should be locked and loaded - I don't expect to see any more changes in the schedule from here (fingers crossed).

If you have any feedback about the sessions, you can either leave me a comment or email me.