Two ways to get the express editions

A little while ago someone tried to nail me to the wall for only providing a massive 400+Mb download for the Express editions.  Other people have asked me where they can get the Express editions from so that they can install it on multiple machines without downloading it repeatedly.

The upshot of this is that there are two ways to get Visual Studio Express editions. 

Method 1:  Go to and do an online install of the SKU you want.  This is the smallest download - varying in size depending on your options but between 35-70 Mb without the MSDN library.

Method 2: Go to and download the ISO image of the SKU that you want. This is the "I havea fat pipe" option and takes between 445-475 Mb per ISO.  But at the end of it you can install it on multiple machines.

If you are wanting to install on two or three machines - you might be better off doing the onlie install for them, but much more than this and you should probably use the ISO. The choice is yours!

In case you dont already know - these are free until November 6, 2006 :-)