WinFX is now the .Net Framework 3.0

I'm a little slow on this one due to having a life on the weekend (well, a life without work anyway), but the big news from the weekend is that WinFX is now the .Net Framework 3.0.

This is good as it cleans up the messaging of WinFX and clarifies what Microsoft's position on the framework is over time.

To quote Soma:

The .NET Framework 3.0 will still ship with Windows Vista, and will be available down-level for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as planned. This change doesn’t affect in any way the ship schedules of either Windows Vista or the .NET Framework 3.0 itself.

*UPDATE* Kirk Allen has posted a diagram that might help you to understand versioning, etc here.  In terms of deployment, etc the CLR is the same, so there is no new testing involved to deploy .Net Framework 3.  Also - the next major version of the CLR and Framework will be in the Orcas timeframe.

In other news InfoCard has also been renamed Windows CardSpace (WCS) and Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work for a Silicon Valley startup (read Franks take on it here).