FIM 2010 Performance Testing - Topology

Customers have very different deployment needs for their product, all of these driven based on their various business requirements.  For ourselves we have taken a two pronged approach for testing the performance of FIM 2010 in different topologies.  We typically test in what I will refer to as our Standard topology & then we do additional testing in what I will refer to as our NLB topology.

Standard Topology
This is the standard configuration we generally test in.  We look for bottlenecks & may adjust this over time if we find we need to use a difference configuration.


NLB Topology
This is our more complex topology intended to give us insight into how the product performs both functionally & performance wise in a more complex deployment.


What topology are you planning to use for your deployment?  Are there any specific situations you need to handle?

In my next post, I will talk about the hardware we are using in these topologies & cover what we are seeing for resource utilization & bottlenecks.