After about 7 years at Microsoft, I have decided to join the role of bloggers.  As such I should start with a quick introduction about myself.

I have been working at Microsoft over the past 7 years as a tester in what was originally Microsoft Metadirectory Services.  In that time I have worked on shipping Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS), Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM) , & most recently Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM).  As part of FIM 2010 I have been the test lead responsible for several areas of our product including Schema, Sets, Management Policy Rules, Mail Services, Web Services, FIM MA, & Performance.

Over the course of these releases I have had the opportunity to learn from our customers & help improve the quality of our product.  As a tester I have found the information gained from our customers invaluable in our ability to test & improve the quality of our product.  An example of how your feedback has helped us is if you are familiar with the MIIS 2003 Resource Kit 2, included in that package are two tools. (MIIS Dynamic Help & MIIS Provisioning Assistant) I had developed based directly on feedback received by our customers.

Additionally, I have found there is a wealth of knowledge about the product gained over the course of product development as we debug, investigate & fix issues in the product.  My goal is to continue that two way communication where we continue to respond to your feedback to improve the product & we also help share information on how to debug, investigate, & implement our products.

If there are question you have, or topics of interest please feel free to let me know & I will see what I can do to address these.