Pasting Code

I have been looking around for a bit for a way to paste code for blog posts.  My requirements were pretty simple:

  1. Able to paste code from blog - such that readers could copy & paste code into their own editor
  2. Syntax highlighting – Syntax highlight just makes things easier to read
  3. Minimize scrollbars – Avoid requiring scrollbars to scroll through the code

As such, I have checked out several & the one I found to work the best so far is the Paste As Visual Studio Code add-in for Live Writer.  Ideally, I could use something not specific to Live Writer such as Copy As HTML add-in for Visual Studio, but that is currently only supported for VS 2008.

If you have a favorite tool for copying & pasting code, let me know.  One addition I would like is the ability to hide\show code in my blog posts to avoid cluttering it up too much.