64-bit OLEDB Provider for ODBC (MSDASQL) Available in Longhorn Server, Starting Beta 3


We’re pleased to announce that Longhorn Server Beta 3 will include a 64-bit version of MSDASQL, Microsoft’s OLEDB Provider for ODBC.

What is MSDASQL?

MSDASQL is an OLEDB provider that allows applications built on OLEDB and ADO (which uses OLEDB internally) to access data sources through an ODBC driver instead of a database. MSDASQL ships with the Windows Operating System, and Longhorn Beta 3 is the first Windows release to include a 64-bit version of MSDASQL.

Who does this impact?

If you are a customer in one of the following scenarios, you will see direct benefits from this technology when upgrading to or deploying Longhorn Server:

· SQL Server Customers with Heterogeneous DBMS Environments: the Linked Server and Distributed Query features of SQL Server connect to external data sources through an OLEDB provider. The addition of the 64-bit MSDASQL Provider allows these features to leverage the 64-bit equivalents of ODBC drivers that SQL Server applications of 32-bit environments are already using, and to use an ODBC 64-bit driver if a 64-bit OLEDB provider for the target external data source is not available.

· ADO and ASP Customers Planning a Migration to 64-bit: on 32-bit operating systems, MSDASQL is the default OLEDB provider used by ADO. In Longhorn Server Beta 3, applications that specify an ODBC driver in the connection string (e.g. “Driver={SQL Server}...”) are not required to change connection strings when migrating to 64-bit.

· Customers with OLEDB Applications Using ODBC Data Sources: when migrating these applications to 64-bit, the applications can leverage a native 64-bit ODBC driver, provided that one is available for the target data source.

Isn’t MSDASQL Deprecated?

Previous messaging on MSDN indicated that a 64-bit version of MSDASQL would not be available. However, we have received numerous requests from customers for this technology and we are making it available to address the pain experienced in the scenarios described above without 64-bit MSDASQL.


Mo Lin

Program Manager, Data Programmability


John Bocharov

Program Manager, Data Programmability