An Introduction to BigData Concepts: My Disclaimer

Recently, Microsoft announced its plans around Hadoop and all of a sudden BigData is part of the mainstream conversation we are having with our customers.  As a Business Intelligence practitioner, I couldn’t be more excited about this, but having been heavily steeped in the structured world of traditional Business Intelligence approaches, I have to admit wrapping my head around the concept of BigData and why it necessitates a new approach has been a bit challenging.

I feel as though I am starting to grasp some parts of the BigData conversation and so I’m using this blog to share my understanding so that it may be challenged and that those similarly wrestling with this may hopefully find a nugget or two that helps them with their journey.

To be clear, I am not a BigData expert, and though I work for Microsoft, I am not part of Microsoft’s BigData team.  Please interpret this and subsequent posts accordingly.