Deploying Apache Drill on Azure

I have a customer interested in leveraging Apache Drill for interactive queries on data resident in the Azure cloud. In developing a solution for this customer, I have found the Apache Drill documentation to be a bit sparse so that it is my hope that what I post in this series may be of assistance to others interested in doing something similar.

    NOTE This series addresses Apache Drill 1.6, Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.8 & the Microsoft Azure Cloud as of May 27, 2016.

The key topics I will address in this series of posts are:

  1. An Overview of an Apache Drill Topology in Azure
  2. The Deployment Mechanics for the Azure Infrastructure
  3. Configuration of the ZooKeeper Ensemble
  4. Configuration of the Drill Cluster
  5. Configuration of Azure Blob Storage (aka WASB) as a Drill Data Source
  6. Configuration of Azure SQL Database as a Drill Data Source
  7. Configuration of Hive on Azure HDInsight as a Drill Data Source
  8. Configuration of HBase on Azure HDInsight as a Drill Data Source
  9. Connecting to the Drill Cluster from a Client App

Before diving into these topics, I would like to acknowledge the many, many folks I pestered as I found myself stuck at various junctures. Thank you all for your assistance.