New Service Update Released for Microsoft Codename "Data Transfer"

I’m happy to announce that we have just released another update for the Microsoft Codename “Data Transfer” lab

We listened to you. We received feedback from a lot of users on our feature voting site and through email. We took the top voted feature and made it our focus for this release.


Update and Replace data in SQL Azure

Now when you upload a file to SQL Azure, you will have the choice of importing the data into a new or existing table.  


If you choose an existing table, then you will have the choice to Update or Replace the data in the table. Update is an upsert (update or insert depending on whether the primary key is found). Replace does a truncate and insert.


And then we’ve created a really easy-to-use UI for choosing the column mappings between your file and the table schema. With a click you can drag-and-drop the columns, either up and down to change position or to the Unmapped list.



Big Data

We have also done a lot of work on the internals of the service so that it can accept a very large volume of data. This is not something that you can see now because it takes a few of our short releases to surface the functionality. But stay tuned!


Enjoy – and please let us know how it goes and what you need.