ADO.NET vNext screencast

Hi - I'm Shyam Pather, Development Lead on the ADO.NET vNext team.

I’m incredibly excited to share some demos of ADO.NET vNext in action. By now, many of you may have read the whitepapers and blog entries describing the new features. In this pair of screencasts (Part 1 and Part 2) you’ll be able to see the developer experience of using these features in code.

In these screencasts, I start from a program that uses the ADO.NET stack we shipped in the .NET Framework 2.0. Using a preview of the upcoming ADO.NET vNext bits, I show how it can be evolved it to take advantage of the Entity Data Model, Entity SQL, new Metadata APIs, and LINQ. Most of the time is spent in Visual Studio, looking at working code samples.

Here’s a high-level breakdown of what you’ll see in Part 1:

0:00-2:25      Intro and demo of basic ADO.NET 2.0 code.
2:25-8:00      Creating a conceptual data model
8:00-12:30    Using the Map Provider to query with Entity SQL
12:30-16:05  Explicit relationship navigation in Entity SQL
16:05-17:50  Accessing result metadata via IExtendedDataRecord
17:50-21:55  Polymorphic Queries
21:55-23:40  Filtering on entity type at the server

Part 2 builds on this and covers the following additional topics:

0:00-6:15     Obtaining results as objects
6:15-9:34     Polymorphic queries with results as objects
9:34-11:53   Removing the connection handling code
11:53-14:48 Using LINQ to express queries
14:48-21:02 Adding and updating entities

You can access the screencasts from the following locations:

I hope you find this useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Shyam Pather
Development Lead