Developers! - Express contest - win $10K

A new worldwide contest for developers has been launched by the folks at Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express.

Is this pic corny enough for you?

Here's how it goes: you think of something cool using Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. It could be desktop app, a web app, a mobile app, whatever.  Then you submit your cool idea here.

How the 'Made In Express' contest works and when.

Once the finalists are picked, then you build. The top prize is $10,000 (USD) in cash, another winner will win $1,000 in cash, and all 12 finalists who complete their project will receive $250 in Amazon gift certificates.

There are three judges. Microsoft's Robert Scoble, MAKE's Philip Torrone and a 'Mystery Judge'.

Here's the contest site....good luck!