WinFS and peer-to-peer

Mark Scurrell, Program Manager on the WinFS Sync team has provided an overview on the WinFS blog of the functionality provided to allow applications to synchronize data between WinFS stores:

"For Beta 2 we have decided to focus on providing the peer-to-peer synchronization platform and will not provide any specific transport implementations. We have therefore modified Store Synchronizer so it requires a transport implementation. In the Beta 2 SDK we will of course provide sample code for a transport, guidance on how to build a transport, and reference material for the Store Synchronizer classes.

...My main goal with this article is to raise awareness of the set of synchronization services that WinFS provides to support peer-to-peer sync application development and also to highlight the flexibility we allow in terms of diverse sync scenarios, topologies and network configurations."

The full post is worth a read .

Alex Barnett,
Community Program Manager


Tags: WinFS, P2P

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