Announcing Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

Today during his keynote at PDC’10, Bob Muglia announced the launch of Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket!

Originally announced under the name Microsoft Codename “Dallas”, DataMarket changes the way information is exchanged by offering a wide range of content from authoritative commercial & public sources in a single marketplace, making it easier to find and purchase the data that you need to power your applications and analytics.

DataMarket enables developers to access data as a service. DataMarket exposes OData API’s which can be leveraged by developers on any platform to build innovative applications. Developers can also use service references to these API’s in Visual studio, making it easy for developers to consume the datasets.

Information workers will now be able to make better data purchasing decisions using rich visualization on DataMarket. DataMarket connectivity from Excel and PowerPivot will enable information workers to perform better analytics by mashing up enterprise and industry data.

Today’s key announcements around DataMarket include:

  • DataMarket has been released to web at with a new user experience and many new datasets from leading content providers
  • Excel Add-in for DataMarket is available for download at
  • Updated PowerPivot with DataMarket connectivity is available at
  • DataMarket is launching with 35+ content provider partners with content ranging from Demographic, geospatial, financial, retail, sports, weather, environmental and health care. Learn more at
  • Today we also announced some of our early adopter ISV/SI partners on DataMarket which include Accenture, SAS, Tableau, Dundas, Jackbe, Enroute, Sitecore, Pervasive, etc.

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