Learn more about building application with DataMarket

Checkout out this great session December 1st to learn more about building innovative new applications with DataMarket!

Session Title: DataMarket: Enabling ISVs to build innovative applications across industry verticals

Date: December 1, 8 am-9am PST

Session Abstract: This webcast will provide an overview of DataMarket and the tools and resources available in DataMarket to help ISVs build new and innovative applications, reduce time to market and cost. DataMarket also enables ISVs to access data as a service.

ISVs across industry verticals can leverage datasets from partners like D&B, Lexis Nexis, Stats, Weather Central, US Governments, UN, EEA to build innovative applications. DataMarket includes data across different categories like demographic, environmental, weather, sports, location based services etc.

Presenter: Sudhir Hasbe, Sr Product Manager, DataMarket

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Partner: https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_ActDetails.aspx?UserMode=0&ActivityId=719815