Microsoft at GigaOm Structure: Big Data 2011 Today!

Today, the Windows Azure DataMarket team’s own Moe Khosravy participated in a fireside chat at the sold out GigaOm Structure: Big Data 2011 event. Part of GigaOm’s Structure series, which brings together industry leaders across the cloud computing and Internet infrastructure industry, the first annual Big Data event will feature 40 representatives from companies across the cloud, data analytics, marketplace and storage industry to discuss the recent explosion in virtual data. Specifically, the conference will  explore the uptick in interest around the “big data” trend as it relates to three areas, including capacity, insights and monetization.

You can learn more about Moe’s fireside chat titled, “Cash For Your Data? The Future For Datamarkets” where he discussed the future of data marketplaces alongside Flip Kromer, CTO of InfoChimps, a data marketplace provider, at