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Here we go again, everybody... More content!!

We’re very happy to publish our first offering from China!

According to Chanjet: “In short, from the operational indicators for the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) segment, we see that the impact of external factors outweighs the internal factors, and this is causing increasing operational risk for the Chinese SME. The key focus areas for the SME in order to minimize their operational risk, include: capital risk, receivable risk and inventory risk.” Did you know this? If you’re like me (I didn’t know this), then you, too, can benefit from some quality time poking around Chanjet’s China Small & Medium Enterprises Management & Operation KPI Data offering.

Our friends at LexisNexis have published Legal Communities. This offering provides access to the largest collection of Legal Blogs written by leading legal professionals, more than 1,600 Legal Podcasts featuring legal luminaries, information about Top Cases and Emerging Issues. The communities enable you to keep current with the latest Legal News, Issues and Trends. I recommend adding this to your daily blog reading regimen – right after your daily stop to the DataMarket blog.

And last, but certainly not least, check out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, courtesy of Sanborn!


Sanborn’s Building Model Service contains some 66 of the largest metropolitan urban areas across the United States, Mexico, South America, Canada, and Europe. This spatial database is comprised of photogrammetric extracted, from high resolution aerial photography, accurate and precise property-and-address-based building footprint geospatial building footprint vectors.  Building footprints are concurrent with an accurate 3D building “Massing” model, allow for advanced modeling and analysis of urban buildings and structures, blocks and neighborhoods.

Enjoy new content!

The Windows Azure DataMarket Team